Shark products have increasingly been gaining prominence as a miracle cure for certain dreaded diseases faced by mankind. It is hypothesized that Sharks are healthiest being on earth, having survived virtually unchanged through the evolution of their species, partly because they seem immune to diseases.

Scientific research appears to support ancient believes in Shark extracts and evidence shows of its cancer curing properties and also in treating AIDS.

Shark cartilage, Squalene, Liver Oil, etc. are processed in many ways for pharmaceutical use.

Shark Teeth, Jaws, Lips, Heads, Skin, Hides, etc. are quite popularly used for ornamental purposes in Bangles, Necklaces, Pendants, Broaches, Tie Pins/Bars, Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Belts & TCMs, etc.

Shark Meat is gaining popularity in the seafood industry, over the last few decades, as a source of high protein. It is often consumed in the Frozen, Dried, Smoked or Salted form.

Sharks' Species Chart :
Dried Sharks' Fins

Of all the Shark Products, the Fins or Wings are the most expensive & marketable product, as it is used widely in the oriental cuisine industry for making soup. All the Fins of the certain species of Sharks’ can be utilised, viz. Pectoral, Ventral, Dorsal, Anal, Pelvic & Caudal Fins. There is a special technic in cutting, washing, scrubbing, unsalting, hang-drying, storing, etc. , so that the best quality is prepared, stored & maintained. There are about 400 specie of Sharks but only certain species possess the right cartilage glutinous rays needed for consumption. These Species fall under 5 categories: Yellow, White, Black, Blue & Others (DogFish, School, Elephant, etc.) and mostly sold in sets of Fins.

White Sharkfin Grade I :
White Sharkfin Grade II :
White Sharkfin Grade III :
Black Sharkfin Grade I :
Black Sharkfin Grade II :
Black Sharkfin Grade III :
Black Sharkfin Grade IV & V :